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Dominant Wright Unable To Keep Season Alive
by Jack
March 13, 2014

Dormant Garland Offsets Wright And Explorers Lose Game They Could Have Won.
The end of the season has arrived for the Explorers (15-16) as they allowed the Saint Bonaventure Bonnies to dominate the paint (17-14). The season-long disappointment from Tyrone Garland hit a new low today as he went 0 for 7 for 0 points to close out his college career. Jerrell Wright (26 points on 11 for 13, 9 boards) was dominant on the offensive end but didn't get enough help either offensively nor defensively from his teammates. The Explorers trailed at the break 42-34.

The Explorers battled in the second half to close within a single point but then allowed the Bonnies to steal back the momentum. Steve Zack (11 points, 11 boards and 1 block) played soft at times on defense but had a good game overall.
Sam Mills (10 points) played well at times. Tyreek Duren (15 points, 4 assists) didn't get the benefit of a few key foul calls including one where he was erroneoulsy called for an offensive foul. Duren is a definite future Big 5 Hall of Famer and his presence will be missed next season.

The season was a complete disappointment. Duren's injury to start the season which was mis-diagnosed by a physician hurt the most. Garland's inability to shoot effectively really hurt the team more then anything else. Mills had his mid-season struggles and DJ Peterson and Khalid Lewis disappeared offensively during large stretches. The most improved players were Jerrell Wright and Steve Zack. Tyreek Duren was the MVP of the season for La Salle (10 games), followed closely by Jerrell Wright (9 games). Zack had 6 games. Garland had 3 games. Mills had 3 games.

Saint Bonaventure 82, La Salle 72 FINAL. Explorer Top Performer of the Game: Jerrell Wright.

LaSalle shot 54% from the field on 26 for 48 (28% from beyond the arc on 5 for 18) and 68% from the foul line (15 for 22). Coach John Giannini still has not learned how to handle idiot officials who allowed heavy contact on Wright and Zack without a whistle in the first half. He needed to pick up a technical to set the tone. Instead the Bonnies continued the heavy contact in the second half by hitting and pushing Garland without a whistle. Coaching Grade: D


Officials: Eric Anderson, Alvin Cox, Paul Faia.

Grade for Officials: D (Below Average): This crew was totally unprofessional. They allowed the Bonnies to get away with hard contact. Jerrell had to leave the game and Steve was hurting after being hit. This set the tone for the entire game as Coach G did not go onto the court to make his point. The A10 needs to get rid of Cox and Faia as I wouldn't even let them officiate a Division 3 game.

Box Score

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